• Sale! Exsalt boat trailer RV camper power washing kayaking accessory

    Exsalt Boat Trailer Camper RV Kayak Power Washing Kit For Sale

    Original price was: $119.00.Current price is: $39.00.

    You wash your boat, kayak, canoe, right?

    What about that trailer, RV?

    Protect your investment: boat trailer, camper, RV, kayak and canoe.

    Rinse sea water, road salt and algae contamination from your brakes, hubs and suspension with Exsalt.

    Exsalt comes in an easy to install kit.  No professional service required.

    While quantities last!

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    30 Day Product Replacement or Money Back Guarantee

    Since this kayaking accessory is over 2 years old, the original 6 month warranty is no longer applicable but I will give a 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not happy with your purchase, I will send a replacement product or refund your money.